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We have made an easy registration process for you. Here is what to expect as you register your family for this amazing event.


  • First, add your family's lodging to the cart. Most families will be able to share one room (two double beds and a pull-out couch). Each room  costs $499 ($50 off for "Early Bird" registrations!) regardless of how many people share it.
  • Second, add your family's meal plans to the cart. Meal plans are required for everyone attending conference, as this allows us to have use of the Kalahari meeting space and water park at no additional cost!
  • Then add names and details for your family, and select your payment plan and you're done!
Desert room_opt

Lodging: Each room is configured like a regular hotel room.  We allow, and even encourage attendees to share a room (and thereby reduce the per-person costs), but please bear in mind that if this is your desire you will need to find your own roommate(s) and register each person's meal plans. Also bear in mind that rooms are shared spaces, not private suites. If your family/group requires a larger room we may have options for upgrading you to a larger room (for a surcharge), but quantity is limited, and it will be first come first serve basis.

Rooms are similar to the one pictured here and include a coffee maker, a small fridge, and a microwave. 

Meals: Meals will be buffet style with a choice of menu items. Meal plans include 4 meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner on Monday, and also breakfast on Tuesday (Please note that dinner is not included on Sunday). 

If you want to bring food, feel free to bring and store at your own convenience. Just remember no food in the convention center and water park will be allowed.

Payments: We heard your input and this year you can split your payments up rather than paying for everything all at once. After the initial deposit you can choose to pay the balance in 2, 3 or 4 equal payments. All balances are due by May 21, 2019.

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